Does google change search results?

You might get results that are the same or similar to those of someone else searching on Google Search. However, sometimes Google may offer you different results depending on factors such as time, context, or personalized results. Google makes finding things in mobile search even faster by displaying links to the results in the search bar. The time that users access the search can change what they see.

Google continuously updates the results that appear in searches based on current events (especially in the case of news and the most important news). Google publishes thousands of updates to its search engine ranking system every year. While most bring about gradual improvements (and probably sometimes a drop in the quality of the results), the latter are expected to have a significant effect on the user experience. In Google Search Console, you can view your crawl statistics to see when was the last time Google visited your site.

With testing, small groups of users may be shown different results so that Google can collect accurate data on search behavior. It also helps Google determine the context of search terms to better match the intent of the search queries. The main reasons why users get varying results on Google are the variations in location, personalization and algorithm. Users find it useful when searching “near me” when searching for products and services in their immediate area (such as searching for “restaurants” to find nearby restaurants).

Marketers who specialized in SEO (called SEOs) had to keep track of how their results would look in both typical and personalized search results. While there's no way to know how often Google will make changes to its search results, it's very likely that it will happen at least once a day. As Google reduced the personalization of search results, SEOs had to optimize for fewer types of search results. Google also customizes the search using users' web history, although not to the extent that it used to, and it seems that it is mainly used with ads in searches rather than with organic results.

It's important to understand that local versions of Google results look different depending on where you're searching from. If you have a small business (for example, a luxury kitchen furniture store) that doesn't have a high volume of searches, your indexing rate will be slower because people don't actively search for your services in large concentrations. After spending months working on the SEO of your site, you might be disappointed to find that it doesn't appear uniformly for all users who perform a Google search. Google is preparing a far-reaching update to search engines that, it says, will improve the quality and authenticity of the results.

Google customizes search results to a very limited extent and only does so in certain cases, such as with location-based searches.

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