Does google modify search results?

With personalization, you get Google Search results that are personalized based on your activity. Personalization is only used if it can provide more relevant and useful information. This page explains how Google shows personalized results and how to control them. Google search results are different on different computers.

There are a lot of factors that affect the Google search results you see. Google seeks to provide the best results to individual users. This means that they want and expect search results to be different from person to person and that people searching in the same office may see different search results. Now that you know the answer to “Does Google personalize search results?” , you can feel more confident when creating your SEO strategy.

The Google spokesperson said that the company investigates incoming reports when the search algorithm doesn't work as expected. The report could add fuel to conservatives' claims about bias and censorship by Google, based on how it determines what content appears in its search engine and on its video platform, YouTube. With testing, small groups of users may be shown different results so that Google can collect accurate data on search behavior. Google later changed its algorithms to combat spam and allowed more manual intervention, people familiar with the matter told the Journal.

The internal conflict surrounding Google's search algorithm rose to the company's highest levels, according to the report. However, while these interface changes may seem drastic, especially considering how much the Google Search page has changed over the years, it's the backend settings that can have the most profound effect on the results you see. All of these changes are important and visible in the way Google presents information about what you've searched for and are designed to help you find what you're looking for faster. Someone searching for “plumber in Portsmouth, NH” is likely to get different search results than someone searching for “plumber in Manchester, NH”.

While personalization is most of the time omitted in search results, there are some factors that can cause search results to be biased in ways that suit each user. Users find it useful when searching “near me” when searching for products and services in their immediate area (such as searching for “restaurants” to find nearby restaurants). So, it's very likely that someone searching for “pizza” or “yoga instructor” in a location in New Hampshire will get different search results than someone searching for “pizza” in Massachusetts. Even if the topic is imperishable, the results may change due to tests and updates of Google's algorithms without notice.

Google engineers and contractors are working behind the scenes modifying algorithms that alter search results in ways it has publicly denied in the past, The Wall Street Journal found in research published on Friday.

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