How do you explain seo to a 5 year old?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a lot like an Internet “iTunes list”, websites rank higher in search engines based on how “good they are” and SEO is the practice of making them appear there, in the same way that a musician writes a song and puts certain hooks or lines on it to do so. Why is the sky blue? Why is the grass green? Why can't I eat dog food? If you need something, you have to offer something to return it. Search engine optimization is something you want. You want it because it offers more human beings on your website.

The more visitors you have, the more likely you are to turn their curiosity into a sale. Actually, when you study this phrase, two hundred thousand searches have already been done on Google. You won't show up to all of those. However, even a fraction of this search reach can provide greater commercial initiative to your business.

If you notice that you're explaining SEO to someone who responds with a lot of enthusiasm, you could talk a little bit about technical SEO. To optimize your website for search engine marketing, you'll have to work on each of your web pages and each of your outdated pages. He does SEO consulting for clients (yes, the apple doesn't fall very far from the tree) and he's still the center of attention whenever he can. There are also nuanced SEO components, each website and page out of date, that vary entirely depending on the industry you're in.

The tactics used by SEO to optimize for search engines vary over time and among professionals. By finding a valuable niche, developing your content and credibility, and then using SEO to get that content seen, you can easily earn money in a scalable way. This process of keeping the puzzle on the right shelf so that children can see and buy it is the foundation of SEO. But when you pay for SEO, you pay an initial price (often in the form of a monthly advance) and traffic keeps coming, often piling up year after year.

I always start my anecdotes about what exactly SEO is by highlighting the importance, or monopoly, of search engines. SEO means writing awesome content, content that people want to read, content that people like to read. Maybe it's because you work with SEO issues all day long, but for me the title of this post doesn't align with the content. Therefore, SEO tactics should focus on creating a website in such a way that the customer quickly finds what they are looking for.

Even if you decide to stop paying an agency to manage your SEO, if your website is optimized, it will still rank in search engines like Google, often with minimal optimization maintenance on your part.

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