What are the 4 stages of seo?

The strategy and planning stage of launching a website is critical to its success. This is when the groundwork is laid. If you're a small business that uses WordPress for your website, technical SEO should be something you can cross off your list fairly quickly. If you have a large, personalized website with millions of pages, technical SEO becomes much more important.

Much of what is considered “technical SEO” here is actually part of the design and development of your website. The trick is to make sure that your developer understands the interaction between web design, development and SEO and how to create an incredibly fast, mobile-friendly website. Your website must be optimized as a whole and at the individual page level. Here's a cross between your technical SEO and you should start with a well-structured content hierarchy for your site.

With strong technical SEO, layered page optimization is simple. Use tools like Screaming Frog to track and identify weak spots and review your pages methodically. That's the saying, right? In a way, that's true. Your website is really just a container for your content.

Your content tells potential customers what you do, where you do it, who you did it for, and why someone should use your business. And if you're smart, your content should also go beyond these obvious brochure type elements and help your potential customers achieve their goals. As an example, I recently renovated a Victorian-era house in the United Kingdom and, throughout the process, I looked for several professionals who could demonstrate relevant experience. In this case, having a well-optimized case study that shows the renovation works in a similar house in the local area would serve as excellent SEO content in the long term, it also perfectly demonstrates that the contractor can do the job, which perfectly illustrates their credibility.

Make sure to optimize all of your marketing content, including case studies, portfolio entries, and testimonials, not just the obvious service pages. We still see too many number-based approaches to SEO, in which local businesses pay agencies to publish blog posts that, from a strategic point of view, are not a good fit. Make sure that all your content is optimized, and if you're doing content marketing, make sure that it fits your marketing tactics well. This type of natural link should be the backbone of your link building efforts.

This may mean that you first have to revisit the content on your site and create something of value, but if you succeed, you're already halfway there. A quick glance tells us that our target audience for our business are men aged 25 to 34. Next, get more detailed information by looking at the interest reports. Here you'll see what your audience is interested in and what they're looking for in the market when they visit your website. Often, in the competitive research phase, we discover that the client's site lags behind its competitors in terms of the amount of content indexed.

In such cases, this phase of the process takes on additional importance. After the addition of new, high-quality content, we addressed page optimization. See our article on Page Optimization Basics for more information on this topic. In terms of SEO, the most important steps at this stage are keyword research and content architecture.

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