What are your most important seo techniques?

Use specific keywords in all the right places. Eliminate anything that slows down your site. Today you are going to see the 17 most important SEO tips you should know. And in the first 100 words of your content.

An e-commerce site saw a 31% increase in search engine traffic (not to mention a 28% increase in revenue) when it “cut 11,000 product pages”. To date, I have published 196 posts on this blog. And those 196 publications generate more than 360,000 search engine visits per month. Well, it's 10 times easier to get on a podcast than it is to present, write, edit and publish a guest post.

Does that 100 hour count also include the promotion? Or just write the post? Incredible, once again Brian Dean. I've been using all your advice, especially your 17 backlink tips, and I've had great success. You're the man, and I'm a big fan. It must have taken a long time to prepare and I really appreciate it.

This is amazing, thanks again Brian. In your million-page study, you talked about word lengths. Do more than 2000 harm SEO? I agree 100%. But as for the content, I don't recommend focusing on long queues.

Although for new sites it may make more sense to target those sites versus. Even so, I wouldn't try too hard to stand in long lines. Your main keyword is the main focus of your content. You only need to choose one main keyword per page.

It must be relevant to the focus of your page, your brand identity, your products and your services. Beyond the URL, title and page headers, content is what most influences search engine rankings. Repeat the key phrase several times throughout the page, once or twice in the opening and closing paragraphs, and two to four more times in the rest of the content. Strategically link to relevant sources and additional information, both within your organization's general website and even to other websites that are useful.

Site Audit performs more than 140 checks to detect various SEO problems, such as slow loading time, the implementation of HTTPS, annotations, the basic vital elements of the web, broken links and more. Braden Becker, senior SEO strategist at HubSpot, says: “Broad keywords with initial interest tend to have higher volume, while keywords with late interest or even ready-to-buy tend to have a lower volume because the audience is more specific. The EAT principle can help you master long-term SEO success, even though Google's algorithm is constantly changing. When you create new content, you also have the opportunity to optimize current SEO best practices from the start.

For example, if your site has a post about spark plugs and you want to include a link to it from a post about engine maintenance, use the hypothetical text “replace the spark plugs” as an anchor to increase SEO. If you use WordPress, there are several different plugins, such as All in One SEO Pack or Yoast SEO, that allow you to add meta descriptions without having to work with the code. Even SEO specialists who dedicate their entire lives to determining ranking criteria end up scratching their heads at the end of the day. Google PageSpeed Insights is a free SEO tool that scores the speed of your desktop and mobile page on a scale of zero to 100, with 100 being the fastest.

Then, use SEO tools to find sites that link to your competitor's content and ask the most authoritative source to replace your competitor's link with their links. The following SEO tips don't guarantee an excellent placement of results, but they are essential to helping search engines and people, by extension, find your site. However, Victor Pan, director of technical SEO at HubSpot, says that not everything you publish has to be easy to search. This post uncovered tactics that helped us design an SEO strategy that allowed us to break a one-year traffic plateau and break monthly traffic records.

But who cares if no one sees it? These simple SEO tricks and settings will help you rank well on Google, Bing and other search engines and get your site seen. This may seem obvious, but sometimes marketers focus too much on the details of their page's SEO and don't focus on creating new quality content for search engines. .

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