What is local seo and 5 reasons why it's important?

Even if you're not investing in local SEO, you can be sure that other local businesses within your niche are. Local SEO involves optimizing your online presence to attract business from local searches on Google and other search engines. According to Hubspot's local SEO statistics, 46% of all Google search engines are looking for local information. In addition, 72% of consumers who searched for a local product or service through local SEO searches near me visited a store within five miles.

So, does local SEO work? I'm sure it would if you were one of those companies. Wondering where to start? To illustrate the benefits of focusing on local SEO, we've put together a list of five reasons why it's essential to the success of your business. When creating your local SEO strategy, you should consider these three factors. Local SEO influences your company's position in local search results.

It's also important to know these factors in order to better optimize your local SEO plan and attract more foot traffic to your company. Local SEO is important for online businesses and for businesses looking to attract foot traffic. A few decades ago, consumers could have searched for local businesses in the yellow pages or on the map. Nowadays, they use search engines to find contact information, location, hours and other details about a company.

If you integrate the right local keywords, you'll attract more foot traffic to your store. Local search is an integral part of any SEO strategy aimed at customers in a specific region, city, or neighborhood. You want a content marketing strategy that helps your pages rank in search engine results for specific keywords and keyword phrases (the goal of organic SEO strategies). Google alone processes an impressive 8 billion searches a day, but more importantly, nearly 50% of all Google searches are performed by people looking for local products and services.

In addition, when their algorithms detect that your intention is local (that you are looking for something in the area around you), the results of the Map Pack will appear prominently on the first page of the search results. If your company isn't working on a local SEO strategy, you're leaving money on the table for your competitor on the other side of the city to stick with. As you can see, local search is an essential channel for companies of all types that serve local customers: franchises, retail chains, stores called Mom & Pop, financial services brands, service providers, business brands and SMEs alike. Local SEO helps you optimize your website to rank better in search results and reach your local audience.

Organic listings are another great opportunity for your local business to appear among motivated search engines when Google determines that the query has a local intent. SEO is a technical process and can take time to learn and implement in your business strategy. You'll hear from local search experts Ben Fisher, John McAlpin, Alexandra Tachalova, Marshall Nyman and Maddy Osman, among others, who will share their best tips and advice to help you design a strategy designed for your company. Optimizing voice search will help you reach more local potential customers for your company and get them to visit your organization.

Sometimes, we'll talk about Google search algorithms, technical SEO for your website, optimizing your web pages, and so on.

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