Why does google alter search results?

Google search results are different on different computers. There are a lot of factors that affect the Google search results you see. Google seeks to provide the best results to individual users. This means that they want and expect search results to be different from person to person and that people searching in the same office may see different search results.

Google will show users sites that are more mobile friendly and that contain immediate answers in a higher position in mobile searches. Someone searching for “plumber in Portsmouth, NH” is likely to get different search results than someone searching for “plumber in Manchester, NH”. So, it's very likely that someone searching for “pizza” or “yoga instructor” in a location in New Hampshire will get different search results than someone searching for “pizza” in Massachusetts. In a statement to CNBC, a Google spokesperson said that the Journal's story contained inaccuracies and was based on anecdotes that no longer apply to its current policies related to searches.

Google denies having done so much and insists that Google Search is based on algorithms and data obtained from use. The report could add fuel to conservatives' claims about bias and censorship by Google, based on how it determines the content that appears in its search engine and on its video platform, YouTube. It also helps Google determine the context of search terms to better match the intent of the search queries. Personalized search results used to be more common in the past, but now search results are more focused on adapting to the user's search intent.

To stay on top, Google is always trying to improve its search engine, both in the way it presents the information it has to search engines and in the way it finds that information in the first place. As Google reduced the personalization of search results, SEOs had to optimize for fewer types of search results. Users find it useful when searching “near me” when searching for products and services in their immediate area (such as searching for “restaurants” to find nearby restaurants). In the past, updates to Google's search algorithms basically eliminated popular sites from the top results.

Google continues to use search history to personalize search results so that they are more relevant, but unlike in the past, Google only uses the previous search that a user has performed. Think of things like the quick answers box that appears at the top of more and more searches (officially called featured snippets), Google's initiatives driven by AI last year to offer more complete search suggestions to complex queries, and the knowledge graph, which is the one that indicates the birthdays of the actors, the moon phases and other data when you search for them.

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