Why is google giving me weird search results?

Do you think Google sucks? I'm not a great friend of Google either. People seem to be very concerned about their (possibly dead) goldfish. In addition to answering weird questions, Google can also do some pretty amazing things. My name is Joeal Manimtim and I am the only person in the world with this name and when I search for my name on Google, Google classifies other names that are spelled differently higher up in the SERPS.

They don't allow me to get results until I have a new bank in the country I'm in, and I need Google Play to switch and I can't open an account for six months and there's no other alternative to Google Play. G) and every time you search on Google you only see the real search results, not the ones that someone paid to appear at the top. You can't have found my post on Google because I banned Google from my blog and this post wasn't even indexed. Unfortunately, it's also much harder to stay away from Google, since many alternatives to Google don't have the money that Google has and are generally paid or free services, with the exception of search engines.

The same force that makes it difficult to see any criticism of Google through Google (especially compared to a decade ago) is the same force that influences the way in which any number of queries are obtained. I know Google is bad (I've read your articles and agree), but I still think that Google is the best search engine. If these fun Google searches make you laugh, you'll want to see these fun photos too. When you're looking for something really specific, the more information you provide to Google, the more likely Google is to find results that contain the information you're looking for.

If you use Google Image Search to search for images, the Tools tab allows you to filter the results by size, color, usage rights, type (face, photo, clip art, line drawing or animation) and time (date of publication). I was referring to another poster, little has changed since I'm still searching on Google. It's good to see that this blog is still active, e.g. the belief that Google is so venerable that the word search is replaced by the phrase “Google”.

Google stands out especially when searching for so-called “long” queries with 3, 4 or more words. You can use the Google Video Search Tools filters to filter the results by video length (short, medium, or long), date of publication (at any time), quality (filter only to show high-quality videos) and source, as well as by whether the videos have optional subtitles (All videos) or not. Choose a unique phrase from the text in question and search for it in quotation marks to see if exact matches appear in the search results. Whatever Google is doing, it's simplifying the search engine to the point that it's no longer a viable research tool.

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